While pedicures can definitely make your feet look nicer, they also come with some health advantages: improved foot health, softer skin, stress relief, improved circulation & overall confidence.


Manicures offer a range of benefits for both the appearance and health of your hands: enhanced nail health, improved skin condition, increased blood circulation, stress reduction and confidence boost.

Nail Enhancements

Nail enhancements can mask almost any natural nail imperfection for a pretty, flawless look. The choice is vast, which means you can choose the nail treatment that suits your lifestyle and budget and also a vast range of colours to choose from. Nail extensions can also assist in reducing nail biting.

biab - builder gel

BIAB - Builder Gel

BIAB stands for “Builder in a Bottle” and refers to a soak-off gel product applied to natural nails to strengthen them and create a long-lasting manicure. BIAB gels are essentially a hybrid between traditional gel polish and acrylic nails, offering the following benefits: strengthens natural nails, promotes nail growth, long-lasting manicures, more natural look.

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