Your Must-Try Hot-Stone Pedicure

A glass of Prosecco and a good pedicure can help you get over anything, even the most nasty break up of your life. With this statement, we have already established the importance of a pedicure in the lives of women. When benefits of pedicure for your body and mind is so special, then take an important foot care tip from me. Have you tried the hot stone pedicure yet?

Well if you haven’t then you must do so immediately. Hot stone pedicures are available in Grand Lux Nail Spa – the luxury nail salon in Reading. It costs a little more than the normal pedicure, but trust us, it will be worth the money.

But before you go for a hot-stone pedicure, you would surely want to know the special benefits of this pedicure. Actually there are many and they are all listed here:

Relaxes Foot Muscles: Your feet bears the weight of your entire body. No wonder the feet muscles are the most tired muscles in the body. The hot stone pedicure generates heat in these muscles so that they can relax and get rejuvenated. 

Pressure Points: Did you know that there are some pressure points under your feet that can stimulate the senses all over your body. One of the main benefits of this pedicure is that the hot stones are placed even under you feet. Thus you will feel truly refreshed after this simple beauty treatment.

The Aromatic Oils: This pedicure is not done just with hot stones. Your feet is scrubbed thoroughly and then pampered with a number of energising and moisturising oils. Then the oiled stones are placed on the feet and allowed to relax your tired muscles.

Detoxifing Stones: The warmth of the stones releases the cramps in knotted muscles. This pleasant warmth also helps to release toxins from your muscles.

A Great Stress-buster: Even after being an excellent beauty treatment, this pedicure has benefits for your mental health as well. A hot stone pedicure at the end of the day is one of the best stress-busters. So take this foot care tips and do try the hot stone pedicure soon.

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