BIAB GEL NAILS – Longer, Stronger and Healthier Nails


Builder in a Bottle™, BIAB™ and Cover Nude Builders are a range of soak off gel builders that are ideal for sculpting and tip extensions. You can also use it alone on the natural nail bed to enhance the natural nails ability to grow or increase strength in clients with particularly brittle nails. 

Much like Rubber Base, BIAB™ increases the nails flexibility – meaning nails are much less likely to snap. 

“BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) is the flagship polish of the UK brand, The Gel Bottle. It’s a pigmented, flexible, and strengthening gel, which can be built up to create a beautifully shiny and even nail. It’s composed of ingredients and nutrients intended to deeply nourish the natural nail, and also contains a base and primer in the nail itself. 

Essentially, BIAB hardens and strengthens the natural nail, whilst creating the same perfect glossy look you’d expect from other treatments, such as gel or acrylic nails (all without adding too much bulk or thickness).

BIAB can be used alone, or extensions can be added for customers who prefer longer nails. It can also be used as a base underneath gel polish for extra strength – but as the BIAB itself comes in multiple nude shades, it’s often used as a standalone product. BIAB is also vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harsh chemicals.” 

Who is BIAB Suitable For?

“The treatment is particularly great for people with porous, damaged, or thin nails. BIAB also offers a solution for nail biters: the product can be built-up to create an extension where length might have been lost from biting. Plus, BIAB is much stronger and resistant to biting than natural nails, which means your nails will be able to (finally) recover and grow longer.


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